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Government Supports One of the Top Leading Fish Research Center

20 September 2012, at 1:00am

BRAZIL - Brazil has a coastline long and suitable for aquaculture production. However, to exploit this potential, the country needs to develop research and technology on the marine and estuarine species suitable to the conditions.

An important milestone for this is the entry into the Reference Center in Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources Parnaba (CERAQUA Parnaba), on the beach of Pedra do Sal, in Parnaiba in Piaui.

The center started its activities from a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture (MPA), Codevasf and state government, through the Research Foundation of the State of Piaui.

With one of the most modern infrastructures installed in the country for the development and technology transfer in the area, CERAQUA was built with funds from the Federal Government, through the Codevasf, and government estadua

The resources invested by MPA are applied to the maintenance and physical security of buildings, laboratories, equipment and nurseries.

The three laboratories cover Nutrition, Fisheries Resources and Genetic Improvement.

The CERAQUA Parnaba contributes to the modernisation of production chains, promoting scientific and technological advances and health and the environmental.

Besides adding value to domestic products, initiatives of the center will enable the development of knowledge, technologies and processes important for overcoming domestic imbalances and efficient use of natural resources of the Mid-North region, the transition zone between the Amazon and Northeast.

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