Government Releases 90-day Aquaculture Reform Project

5 December 2016, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA - The Liberal National Government's 90-day regulatory reform aquaculture project has been released, containing 17 recommendations to reduce red tape and promote investment in Western Australian aquaculture.

The departments of Finance and Fisheries, in collaboration with industry and other government agencies, have identified how to streamline approval processes and provide greater certainty for aquaculture businesses.

"Licensing approvals times will be cut from 235 to 150 days, a time saving of more than one-third, with further efficiency gains expected to be achieved through the implementation of online application and reporting tools," Finance Minister Sean L'Estrange said.

"Other improvements include greater guidance for environmental approval processes, aligning licence terms with tenure, and identifying suitable areas for regional aquaculture using advanced spatial zoning plans and environmental modelling techniques.

"In addition, reporting and licence conditions will be streamlined for inland aquaculture initiatives."

Fisheries Minister Joe Francis said the recommendations provided further impetus for improvements in the State's aquaculture sector.

"The Department of Fisheries will now work hard to implement the improvements," Mr Francis said.

"We have a vast coastline and a strong reputation for clean, quality products. Improving our industry's regulatory processes and creating more certainty will help our State make the most of these opportunities."