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Government Invests $94 Million in Ocean Science Institute

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CANADA - The Canadian government is investing $94 million into a world-leading international institute for ocean science that will foster innovations related to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

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The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), led by Dalhousie University, represents a historic partnership with Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Prince Edward Island.

It will be one of the world's most significant international ocean science collaborations. OFI will focus on the globally significant Northwest Atlantic and Canadian Arctic gateway. With this investment, Canada is now a world leader in ocean science.

OFI's innovative research programme is focused on understanding key aspects of ocean and ecosystem change; delivering ocean data science and technology tools to policy-makers, scientists and industry; and developing safe and sustainable solutions for ocean development. The Northwest Atlantic is one of the few places on earth where ocean changes are happening first and happening fastest, making it an epicenter of international scientific interest.

The OFI will provide the scientific, technological and human capacity to advance Canada's ocean research leadership. OFI research will foster innovations related to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture to support transformation of those industries, as well as the development of disruptive ocean technologies (innovations creating new markets and value markets) and data solutions to support Canada's growing ocean tech industry.

The institute will attract and retain world-leading research talent to Canada, and advance the region's position as a center of ocean-related teaching and learning. The research developed through OFI will allow Canada to optimize opportunities and minimize the economic and environmental risks in the expanding ocean economy.

"This research comes at a critical time for our planet and its oceans. We're proud that UPEI and the Atlantic Veterinary College can bring our unique expertise in aquaculture and marine disease control and prevention to this unprecedented partnership. Together, we can help ensure healthy fish in a healthy environment, and nurture a sustainable source of quality protein for future generations," said Dr Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, President of the University of Prince Edward Island.