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Government Approves Multi-annual Strategic Plan for Spanish Aquaculture 2014 - 2020

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SPAIN - The National Advisory Boards and Inland Marine Crops, chaired by the Secretary General of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) have approved the Spanish Multi-Year Strategic Plan for Aquaculture from 2014 to 2020.

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The main objective of the plan is to contribute to the expansion and enhancement of the Spanish aquaculture sector.

The Director General of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ignacio Escobar, who chaired the meeting, agreed with industry representatives on the importance and significance of the meeting and in the quality and specification of the approved document, noting that implementation of the actions contained therein, will contribute to the final revival of aquaculture in the coming years.

The Plan, which consists of three documents, also integrates planning and regional strategies.

According to the vision of the Plan, the Spanish aquaculture sector could continue leading aquaculture production in the EU till 2030, strengthening its weight in economic terms. For this, the Plan includes a total of 37 strategic actions framed in eight lines and four strategic objectives.

Among the objectives of the plan is the simplification and standardization of the legal and administrative framework and the strengthening of the representativeness of the sector in order to provide greater legal certainty for producers and reduce current long waiting period of granting new authorisations.

The plan also aims to increase aquaculture production and its economic value from improving sector planning through integrated coastal zone management and selection of new areas of interest, greater support for inland aquaculture under national water planning and actions to strengthen the sector's competitiveness through innovation.

Also on the agenda, the plan delves into the many environmental issues that affect the development of aquaculture and it will also enhance the aspects linked to the marketing, processing and internationalization of the sector.

The Strategic Plan will now be submitted to the European Commission in the coming months for analysis along with the Operational European Maritime and Fisheries Programme, which MAGRAMA currently is developing.