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FWW Import Concerns Strengthens Case for Off-Shore Sector

US - In response to the Food and Water Watch report slating the sustainability of open ocean Aquaculture, Hawaii-based offshore fish farmer Neil Sims, says the concern about 'cheap' imports strengthens the case for off-shore fish farming.

Mr Sims, President of fish farming company Kona Bluewho and a board member of the Ocean Stewards Institute, says the report: Fish Story: Why Offshore Fish Farming Will Not Break US Dependence on Imported Seafood, makes a strong case for t"sustainable, environmentally sound" open ocean aquaculture.

Commenting on the report in Fish Farmer, he said that if FWW was concerned about cheap seafood imports of questionable quality and safety flooding our market, shouldn't then be supporting a more environmentally sound way to increase domestic supplies of healthful seafood?

"FWW's credibility comes into question when they claim that open ocean aquaculture 'could threaten the marine environment, human health, wild fish populations, and local fishermen and coastal communities', he said.

"Considerations of the successful operations currently bringing quality fish to the domestic market, who have conscientiously overcome these concerns and made these phantom threats irrelevant. Setting a high bar for environmental standards is one of the primary objectives of this emerging industry," he added.


Mr Sims says that all the available evidence shows that open ocean aquaculture, if sited correctly and properly managed, has no measurable impact on water quality and no significant effects on the environmental quality of the marine environment around the pens.

"The fact is, wild fish stocks are under increasing pressure world-wide, and many are on the verge of total collapse. This is a very real threat to local fishermen and coastal communities. Open ocean aquaculture is key to supplying growing global demand for healthful, sustainable seafood, and represents an economic opportunity for America’s fishermen and women," he said.

View the Fish Farmer story by clicking here.

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