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Further Outbreak of White Spot Disease Detected in Logan River

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AUSTRALIA - A new outbreak of white spot disease has been reported on a giant tiger prawn farm in Logan River, Queensland.

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This farm was the remaining uninfected prawn farm in the Logan River area but confirmed it had detected signs of diseased prawns on 11 February.

The presence of white spot DNA was confirmed on 13 February.

The infected pond has been treated and remaining ponds were destocked and are being treated.

Destruction of stock on all farms in this area is complete, and treatment of all production facilities will be completed soon.

A disposal and decontamination plan is being implemented to dispose of water and sediments from ponds in a biosecure manner.

Decapod samples from the river and surrounding areas are being collected regularly and tested. On 10 February laboratory qPCR tests confirmed white spot DNA in one mud crab (Scylla serrata) sampled from the discharge channel of an infected premises. Additional sampling of potential hosts is ongoing.