Free Hygiene E-Learning Programme Launched

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
15 June 2010, at 1:00am

UK - Seafish, the authority on seafood, has launched a new Hygiene ELearning Programme (HeLP) suitable for seafood food handlers.

Access to the programme is free of charge and the registration process is informal to encourage more seafood food handlers to participate in food safety training.

Lee Cooper, Training Adviser at Seafish, said: “HeLP represents a new direction for Seafish's support for food safety training and we hope it will further increase the number of seafood employees participating in food safety training, which for many will lead to a formal food safety qualification.

“The content is seafood specific and based on Seafish's very successful hygiene open learning programme. The open learning programme will continue in parallel to the new programme as ELearning is not everyone's preference. The programme can just be used for self study but users can also opt to take a written test that can lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

“Using the existing network of open learning invigilators and Seafish recognised food safety trainers, we are able to arrange for examinations in almost every part of the UK, often at a time and place of the candidate's choosing.

“If the user wishes to take the formal written test, then the usual scale of fees will apply and should be discussed with the appropriate Approved Training Provider (ATP). If you do not want to take the exam, then no charges will be incurred and the programme will indeed have been completely free,” Mr Cooper explained.

The programme is now available on the Seafood Training Academy website.