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Flaws in Malaysian Fish Farm Assessment

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MALAYSIA - The Department of Environment should review the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report on the proposed 1,000ha shrimp farm project in Terengganu, said Global Environment Centre director Faisal Parish.

The report on the project, known as the Integrated Shrimp Aquaculture Park (iSHARP) located in Penarik, near Setiu, was published on the department’s website on July 28, reports TheStarOnline.

“It failed to mention a major environmental impact caused by the pumping of sea water into the river," Faisal told the news organisation.

"Sea water would have to be pumped into the breeding ponds, and discharging the sea water into the Setiu river would affect the river’s salinity and ecological system," said Faisal.

He found it surprising that the report claimed that the project would have no significant impact to the environment.

“Here, we are talking about a 1,000ha project. The site is rich with 18 types of endangered species. It is a very high number and very unusual. It is also a breeding ground for terrapins and freshwater crocodiles, the latter especially rare in Malaysia,"Faisal said