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Fishing Quota Agreement Must Be Part Of Debate

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CHILE - Alejandro Navarro, senator and Environmental Committee president, insisted that an agreement about fishing quotas must be included in the debate about the general regulations for the fish industry, as he rejected the consensus reached on the fisheries roundtable.

Over and above the Minister Pablo Longueira has created a roundtable which consisted of his closest people, talking about fishing quotas; we consider this agreement to be an input for the industry once we know the final regulator project," he stated.

He added that: Although the Government wants to present this agreement made by the so-called fisheries roundtable as a big consensus, it only represents the ideas of the CNP (in Spanish, National Fisheries Council) and its historical interest defense. In fact, all the people who took part in the roundtable belong to the CNP."

He also pointed out that the Government is again using the research fishing to "make easier" a consensus even if there were important players from handcraft fishing and fish industry who were not invited to attend this debate nor given the chance to express their opinion.

The senator added that there was a need to replace the CNP with a consultative, scientific and impartial agency which suggested a fisheries policy from a real and sustainable point of view instead of suggesting it according to the commercial and business interests of a few people in Chilean fish industry.

He said that they had a clear conscience regarding this topic and they claimed the right to talk about it and to demand about it due to they were among the few people who voted against LMCA law (law restricting the maximum fishing per ships operator), warning about what would happen and, what finally happened.