Fishermen To Protest Against Indian Trawling

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
30 August 2011, at 1:00am

SRI LANKA - Fishermen in the Northern area are to gather on 10 September to discuss methods to prevent Indian fishing trawlers from entering Mannar and Thalaimannar waters.

Fishermen’s trade unions have decided to gather fishermen in the Northern area for this meeting.

Fishermen’s trade unions in the North claim that around 100 Indian trawlers used to cross the maritime boundary, around three days a week.

The situation has now aggravated with almost 2000 trawlers entering Sri Lankan waters illegally.

The unions claim that the mass haul of fish being carried out by the Indian fishermen deprive fishing opportunities for local fishermen; the quantity of fish captured by the Indian trawlers in a day will suffice northern fishermen for a month.

Unions say that these trawlers must be prevented from venturing into the Northern Sea by any means.