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Fisheries Committee to Meet Next Week

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CHILE - On 24 September the Fisheries Committee will meet in Punta Arenas, to discuss the sustainability of aquatic resources and, in relation to sustainability, the access to industrial and artisanal fisheries and the regulations on research and monitoring.

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The panel will vote on the prosposals for the new ideas of legislation in the fisheries and aquaculture law in terms of sustainability. The vote will be on 3 October 2012.

It may be recalled that the Commission, chaired by Senator Antonio Horvath also made a round of hearings with experts and scientists in the framework of the study of the Fisheries Act.

The panel received expert researchers in biology and Andrei Juan Carlos Castilla Tchernitchin who addressed the areas of management, waterfront zoning and measures to tackle pollution.

Senator Antonio Horvath, explained that this type of scientific study is critical to the project.

In this regard, Senator Horvath said that zoning and protection measures are important and fishermen should understand this. Fishermen should take responsibility of rescuing species.

Dr Tchernitchin stated: "We're getting contaminants in the ocean from industry, mining and pulp mills where high levels of pollution are affecting marine species and human beings."

Senator Horvath said that "we must be more careful if we want to see more diversity and we have to protect it through policy and law."

Finally, the Commission referred to forthcoming meeting invite to National Natural Science Award in 2012, Bernab Santelices, in order to continue to listen to views on the draft amending the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act that sets a standard for the largest catches without jeopardising the availability of fishery resources in the medium and long term, incorporating the concept of maximum sustainable yield.