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Fish Scare Hits Masbate Following Typhoon

PHILIPPINES - Concerns that fish and seafood supplies could have been contaminated by bodies recovered from vessels sunk in typhoon Frank around the Philippines have been allayed by health officials.

The Department of Health (DoH) said that fish and other seafood, including those from waters near the capsized MV Princess of the Stars, are safe to eat.

Fish sales have reportedly dropped in the Masbate province as residents fear marine products had been contaminated according to reports in the Inquirer.

The Inquirer said that Masbate Governor Elisa Kho also appealed to the public for calm as she allayed concerns that fish caught in Masbate’s water poses health risks to consumers.

"As long as they cook the fish very well, it is safe for consumption," said Kho, who is also a medical doctor.

She said the fish scare has affected the income of fishermen in Masbate.

Dr. Baby Banatin, chief of the DoH’s Emergency Management Service, dismissed fears that fish and other seafood found in the seas around of the capsized ferry, where hundred dead bodies are believed to be trapped, are contaminated.

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