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Fish Hatchery to Develop Angola's Inland Fisheries

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ANGOLA - The northern Kwanza Norte province is to gain a larvae production centre in 2014 which is hoped to produce around two million larvae to support inland fisheries.

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The larvae production centre will produce larvae for restocking over 200 existing fishing lakes in the region of Massangano.

Provincial director of Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries, Humberto Mesquita said that the activity is under the aquaculture programme and aims for the production of tilapia on a larger scale, reports ANGOP.

It is hoped that this project will help towards fighting hunger, improving diets and reducing imports.

He clarified that the project is being implemented in a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture and an Israeli company.

According to him, the referred centre will enhance the activity of nearly two hundred fishery cooperatives in the region of Massangano that benefit from regular support from the government, especially in terms of boats and fishing nets.

Mr Mesquita said the next phase will involve the construction of fish processing centres, with particular emphasis on the fact that the activity is carried out mainly by women and thus prevents the loss of large amounts of fish, for lack of treatment and processing techniques.