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Fish farm proposed near Albany

US - Ted Batterson hopes Delaware County resident Michael Miller can make a profit raising yellow perch.

"We need these kinds of success stories if we are ever going to see aquaculture grow in the Midwest," said Batterson, director of the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center at Michigan State University.

Batterson, whose center is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, says the aquaculture industry in the 12-state heartland of America region is pretty much stuck at the "mom-and-pop operational level."

Aquaculture businesses, also known as fish farms, raise fish for food, such as catfish, tilapia, salmon, crayfish and trout, as well as bait fish, sport fish and ornamentals like koi and goldfish.

Miller is planning to raise yellow perch for food in a recirculating aquaculture tank production system at 11550 E. Gregory Road. He has filed a building-permit application for a $115,000, 10,920-square-foot, prototype building.

Source: The Star Press