Firm to invest $60M in state salmon farms

US - A Canadian company announced Tuesday it will invest $60 million in stocking salmon in Maine waters over the next 18 months, creating jobs for the aquaculture industry, which has floundered over the past few years.</b> <br><br> Gov. John Baldacci was at the Washington County Community College&#39;s Marine Trades Center on Tuesday, where Cooke Aquaculture of St. George and Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, made the announcement. The company&#39;s local operation is at Estes Head in Eastport. It owns several aquaculture facilities in Maine. <br><br> &quot;And next year we plan on increasing that with more fish and hopefully a [processing] plant,&quot; Cooke&#39;s Aquaculture chief executive officer Glenn Cooke said Tuesday. Cooke is the co-founder of the Canadian company, which was founded 20 years ago. <br><br> Cooke did not speculate on how much it would cost to reopen a processing plant in Washington County. &quot;We still are trying to figure out exactly what building and where these fish will be processed. We also have a plant in Machiasport as well as Eastport. <br><br> You&#39;re talking a few million dollars of total investment to get that where it needs to be,&quot; he said after the luncheon. <br><br> <i>Source: Bangor Daily News</i>

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