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Feed Prices Reduced to Boost Aquaculture in Trinidad & Tobago

14 May 2013, at 1:00am

TRINIDAD and TOBAGO - In order to help fish production meet demand in Trinidad and Tobago, the government is offering incentives such as low cost tilapia feed.

Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj said the ministry is offering tilapia feed at cost price to producers and so far the programme has been successful, reports GuardianMedia.

At present, the country imports tilapia from China to meet demand. In order to now compete with China, a fish processing facility is planned for the Carlsen Field area.

Mr Maharaj also said he spoke with officials of the Sugar Cane Feeds Centre at Longdenville to open its doors one week per month to sell tilapia to the public.

The government is also considering a review of its fisheries bill.

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