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Fears for Mexican Shrimp Industry

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MEXICO - The Mexican shrimping industry is at a critical point because of a lack of a market.

The Mexican National Fishing and Aquaculture Industry Chamber (CANAINPESCA) says that the shrimping industry is in a “critical juncture” due to the lack of market. This situation is not only attributed to the global economic crisis, but also to the over-exploitation of the Mexican coasts and to the failure of the government to adequately regulate the fishing of the crustacean.

According to the president of CANAINPESCA, the Mexican National Fishing and Aquaculture Industry Chamber, Rafael Ruiz, the problem is serious, because the market is oversaturated and lacks any formal policy, according to a report on FIS.

The report says that traditionally, 60 per cent of the shrimp produced in the country is exported, but this year it is less than half will be exported and at a price 50 per cent less than that of three years ago.

The Chamber says thathat numbers of coastal fishermen have multiplied in inner waters and lagoons and this has led to the extinction of several species in some coastal zones.

The Chamber says that already the lack of a good market is forcing some fishermen out of business.