FDA continues investigations into melamine-spiked feed

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
16 May 2007, at 1:00am

US - The FDA is continuing its investigation into the presence of melamine and its compounds in fish feed manufactured by the Canadian company Skretting.

The company has recalled all fish feed from all commercial fisheries and fish hatcheries that may have received it, including those in the United States.

FDA has confirmed there are two US commercial aquaculture establishments that received the feed. The fish in those two establishments are on hold and samples of the fish and the feed are being tested for melamine levels. Based on the human risk assessment, there is very low risk from eating fish that consumed feed containing melamine.

USDA tests have now confirmed that meat from pigs fed rations contaminatd by melamine is safe for human consumption. The department has now approved the release of pigs that have been held on farms for shipment and processing.

The positive test results for pork has bolstered the conclusions reached by a human health risk assessment that there is a very low risk of human illness from the consumption of meat from animals exposed to the feed in question.

Testing of meat from swine exposed to the feed in question confirms that melamine and related compounds do not accumulate in pork and it is filtered out of the body by the kidneys.

USDA and FDA continue to conduct a full and comprehensive investigation. As additional information is confirmed, updates will be provided and decisions will be made using the best available science to protect the public's health.

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