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UK - Responding to last weeks (Thursday 13th January 2011) broadcast on Channel 4, Scott Landsburgh, Chief Executive of Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation, has defended farmed salmon.

“Scottish farmed salmon is responsibly farmed and sustainable. Contrary to what was suggested by the programme makers, Scottish farmed salmon increases the supply of quality, healthy seafood for human consumption because it is one of the most efficient livestocks.

“Farmers rear their fish in a way which reflects the natural life cycle of salmon in the wild. Wild salmon eat fish as part of their natural diet and so do farmed salmon. On average, farmed salmon production use approximately 80 per cent less wild fish than would be used by salmon growing in the wild. A wild salmon eats in excess of 10kg of wild fish to grow 1kg.

“Farmed salmon is also much more efficient at converting feed when compared with land animals, such as cows, chicken and pigs. All sources of wild fish used in feeds for Scottish farmed salmon are from assured, responsibly managed fisheries.

“Scottish farmed salmon is not only responsibly farmed and sustainable, it is also a healthy and nutritious source of protein. Typically, one portion provides the recommended weekly requirement of heart healthy long-chain Omega-3s.”

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