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EWOS Develops Sophisticated Salmon Health Feeds

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NORWAY - EWOS has developed sophisticated health feeds that support farmed salmon through recovery from inflammatory diseases like pancreas disease (PD), heart skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) and cardio-myopathy syndrome (CMS). The results are improved growth and survival.

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Over the past 10 years there has been a considerable increase in the incidence of viral diseases affecting salmon farming operations, leading to huge financial costs for the industry.

“Often occurring simultaneously, the diseases have demonstrated that a grouped approach is required. EWOS Innovation identified the necessity of this five years ago, and the approach will be the theme for the Tri-Nation meeting on the 4th of February,” said Simon Wadsworth, principal scientist at EWOS Innovation.

Since 2006, EWOS has undertaken an intensive research programme to assess the effects of dietary modulation upon farmed salmon that have been challenged by these viruses.

“This has led to the successful development of the combined clinical diet, EWOS alpha. It supports tissue recovery in fish challenged with one or more virus, thus improving growth and survival,” said Mr Wadsworth.

Documented effects include a reduction in the pathology to heart, liver and pancreatic tissue and reduced viral levels. There have also been strong, positive effects upon immune and physiological responses.

The scientific investigation has been conducted with leading, independent research institutes including Nofima, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES).

A total of five PhD programmes have also been associated with the EWOS alpha development, involving students at the University of Aberdeen, University College of London and the University of Stirling. The partners have successfully published eight papers within a number of renowned scientific journals. This documentation will be presented at the Tri-Nations meeting for PD, HSMI and CMS in Trondheim on 4 February.

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