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New 100% online training course from FishVet Group and Benchmark Knowledge Services on The Health and Welfare of Atlantic Salmon

EU Earmarks 15m for Food and Feed Safety Testing

19 March 2013, at 12:00am

EU - The European Commission is to grant a total of 15 million for 2013 to support the 44 EU Reference Laboratories (EU-RLs) designated for food and feed safety and animal health.

The purpose of providing financial support - which applies from 1 January 2013 - is to encourage the Reference Laboratories to continue their active contribution in providing technical support to both the Commission and Member States in implementing EU policies in these areas.

EU-RLs provide essential scientific and technical support in the area of feed and food safety and animal health and are the main pillar of the EU laboratory network which also comprises National reference Laboratories and Routine Laboratories.

Reference Laboratories are co-financed by an annual EU grant and the Member States hosting the EU-RL.

The Commission has assessed the 2013 programmes and corresponding budget estimates taking into account EU priorities and Member State needs, in particular on: research; development and distribution of analytical methods; organisation of proficiency tests; and training.

These activities aim to ensure high-quality and uniform testing in the EU and to support the Commission on risk management and risk assessment in the area of laboratory analysis, which are a fundamental part for the protection of consumers and animal health in the EU.


The Health and Welfare of Atlantic Salmon course

It is vital that fish farm operatives who are responsible for farmed fish are trained in their health and welfare. This will help to ensure that fish are free from disease and suffering whilst at the same time promote good productivity and comply with legislation.

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