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EU Council Talks Good for Scottish Fisheries

Cod Sustainability +3 more

SCOTLAND - The EU Fisheries Ministers' talk brought mixed results but overall, the outcome supports the move towards sustainable fisheries for Scotland, says WWF.

Responding to the conclusion of two long days of talks in which European Fisheries Ministers have agreed on the fishing opportunities for 2011, Dr Mireille Thom, Marine Policy Officer at WWF Scotland said: "The result is mixed, however much of the EU approach vindicates the work of the Scottish Government towards long term management plans, the necessity of making decisions which reflect scientific advice and the need to reduce discards.

"A Commission's declaration on ensuring a comprehensive review of the cod recovery plan next year is most welcome as the present plan is not delivering the expected results.

"WWF also welcomes the Commission's encouragement to Member States to go for measures towards the elimination of discards.

"Cod avoidance measures taken in Scotland in recent years will now be reinforced by the extension of the catch quota trials which limit what fishermen can catch, rather than what they land. It will also substantially reducing the overall amount of discards. The Scottish Government’s efforts at extending catch quotas must continue so as to end the waste of perfectly good fish.

"WWF's campaign to ensure a real reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) goes on so that good practices, many of them being pioneered in Scotland, can be extended to other parts of the EU," said Dr Thom.