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Ecuador Calls Off Dorado Fish Ban

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ECUADOR - The Vice Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries has put an end to the ban on dorado fish ("Coryphaena hippurus") on 7 October. The ban was put in place as a measure of protection of the species as regulated by Ministerial Agreement 070.

The SRP 70 inspectors verified the compliance of the closure. Nationwide checks on fishermen, traders and retailers of gold were made nationwide on sea and land.

As a result of the checks, 105 pieces of gold were seized, which were donated to social welfare institutions. Additionally, 109 inspections were carried out in fishing companies so as to verify compliance with internal and external marketing strategies of the product.

The Director of Fisheries Management, Molke Mendoza, said the measure was meant to capture gold throughout the year, but those sized less than 80 inches in total length, are maintained for artisanal and industrial use.

The dorado resource represents 70 per cent of the annual catch of pelagic species in the country.