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EC Requests Effective Fisheries Management Plan from Greece

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GREECE - The European Commission has requested Greece to comply with the obligation, under the Mediterranean Regulation, to adopt national management plans for fisheries conducted by boat seines within their territorial waters.

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Boat seines have surrounding nets, towed from the boat and may operate from the surface to the sea bottom depending on the target species.

In view of the specific characteristics of many Mediterranean fisheries and as the quota-based fisheries management does not apply, the Regulation requires Member States to adopt national management plans combining management of the fishing effort with specific technical measures, to ensure sustainable exploitation of fish resources.

National management plans should also ensure the effectiveness of the prohibition to fish with boat seines in protected habitats such as sea grass beds, Posidonia oceanica.

The Commission is now sending a reasoned opinion to Greece for not having a valid management plan in place.

Greece now has two months to notify the Commission of measures taken to remedy this situation. Otherwise, the Commission may decide to refer Greece to the EU Court of Justice.