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Developing Sustainable Fish Farms

BALTIMORE, US - In the basement of Yonathan Zohars office in Baltimore, giant blue plastic tanks teem with fish swimming feverishly in circles.

These fully contained tanks are Zohar’s response to floating net pens suspended off the coast in open water, a habitat for farming fish that Zohar and others say isn’t the best option for the fish or the environment, reports the BaltimoreExaminer.

“There is no interaction with the environment. There is no pollution,” Zohar said of the his technology.

According to the BaltimoreExaminer, Zohar is director of the Center for Marine Biology at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute in Baltimore.

The tanks rely on recirculating water, which is cleaned using microbes. A column of pastalike pieces of plastic inoculated with microbes churn in water next to the tanks.

This keeps the water free of waste, which is one of the concerns around using floating net pens in open water.