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Danes announce marine finfish farming moratorium

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The Danish Government has announced plans to prevent the development of any new finfish farms in its coastal waters, due to its concerns over the environmental impact of net pen farming at sea.

The move, announced on 26 August, will both mean that no new marine fish farms can be developed and limit the growth of its 19 existing marine farms.

Denamrk is the 8th largest aquaculture producer in the UK, with a sector that is dominated by rainbow trout production

According to European Views, Denmark's environment minister, Lea Wermelin, said: “Denmark has reached the limit of how many fish can be farmed at sea without risking the environment… We must be a green pioneer, when it comes to fish farming, and therefore we must focus on sustainable development of the aquaculture sector.”

She expressed concern about benthic pollution below fish farms as well as the possible spread of diseases and parasites from farmed to wild fish.

“I am concerned about the state of our aquatic environment, and I do not think that we will have more or larger aquaculture in Denmark at this time,” she added.