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Crown Estate To Consider Selling Seabeds


UK - The Crown Estate has confirmed today that its main Board has clarified the policy on sale of seabed, paving the way for commercial discussions with interested parties.

The clarification from the main Board is set out in the Estate's policy as: “The Crown Estate has long had a general predisposition against the sale of seabed in the interests of integrated and effective seabed management and that remains the case. The policy does however allow for consideration of individual proposals for sales depending upon the circumstances.”

The Board has confirmed that there is no ‘closed door’ approach to seabed sales and is prepared to consider it in certain circumstances. This follows misapprehension amongst neighbouring landowners and the need for clarification of The Crown Estate’s position.

A discussion which we will open on the back of our restated policy will be the potential of sale to the Lerwick Port Authority.

This is a potentially complex commercial negotiation between The Crown Estate and Lerwick Port Authority as the areas they are interested in purchasing include a range of different locations and seabed types some of which already include reclaimed land.

Rob Hastings, director of the marine estate at The Crown Estate said: “In a meeting earlier this month with the Chief Executive of Lerwick Port Authority, Sandra Laurenson, their future plans and a potential sale were discussed. Lerwick Port Authority has impressive development plans and has expressed interest in commercial negotiations for sale of seabed in a highly businesslike manner. The Crown Estate is able to consider sales in line with the policy and we look forward to continuing discussions with the Port Authority.

“This could become a complex issue as the areas under discussion for purchase include an area of reclaimed seabed within the harbour and a number of areas of seabed beneath pier structures. Further information will be given once negotiations have concluded.”