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Crawfish Production: Water Quality and Management

Water quality

By Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality - Chapter 7 of the Louisiana Crawfish Production Manual. Poor water quality that persists for days and weeks isdetrimental to crawfish production.

Water quality is influenced by many factors, both environmental and biological. Some environmental conditions such as temperature and rainfall are beyond the control of the farmer. Other factors, such as the type of vegetation planted for crawfish in summer, when the vegetation is planted, how the vegetation is managed prior to flooding the ponds and when the pond is flooded will influence water quality in crawfish ponds. Most serious water quality problems occur in the fall, usually in the first two to six weeks after ponds are flooded and later in the early spring when pond water warms. All crawfish farmers will have water quality problems at some point during the production season, but the magnitude and severity is dramatically reduced at the outset by insuring ponds are properly designed, securing a stable and reliable water source, by matching the pumping capacity with production acreage, managing vegetation prior to flooding ponds in the fall and water after flooding and taking corrective management steps when water analysis tests indicate action is necessary.

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March 2007