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Cold Front Puts a Freeze on Taiwan's Aquaculture

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TAIWAN - The losses suffered by fish farmers in southern Taiwan as result of the low temperatures over the past few days have reached NT$4.78 million (US$143,811) , according to government figures.

As of Monday afternoon, Yunlin County's Taisi and Kouhu townships had recorded losses of NT$418,000 worth of milkfish, Tilapia zillii and white shrimps on 4.4 hectares of fish farms, according to statistics released Monday by the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture's Fisheries Agency.

Taiwan News report that Chiayi County's Budai and Dongshih townships suffered losses of NT$1.41 million on 4.15 hectares of farms that grow milkfish, Tilapia zillii and white shrimps, the statistics show.

In Tainan City's Annan District, 6.4 hectares of milkfish farms recorded losses of NT$2.35 million, while Tainan County's Cigu township incurred losses of NT$600,000 on 2.5 hectares of milkfish farms, according to the statistics.

The three counties and the city are the major aquaculture areas in Taiwan, says Taiwan News.

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