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Cold Climate Affects Bangus Supply

by 5m Editor
23 November 2011, at 12:00am

PHILIPPINES - Supplies of bangus (milkfish) will be weakened as a cold weather is set to invade fishponds.

This was revealed by Dr Westly Rosario, interim executive director of the National Integrated Fisheries Technology and Development Centre (NIFTDC), adding that fish become stressed during the cold weather.

He also advised fish farmers to be wary of over feeding and of wasting feed, as fish generally eat less in colder weather.

He also noted that the price of bangus is forecast to increase due to limited supplies.

NIFTDC, a sub-office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, is offering alternative species for fishfarmers to diversify their products.

Aside from bangus, other species that can be grown the whole year round are; hito, tilapia, sea bass, red pacu fish and ulang.

Hito, he said, does not need a big fishpond to grow and can be harvested in a span of only three months.

Sea bass is also not so choosy with the kind of water it is grown in and is not affected by salinity changes during flooding. The red pacu fish, on the other hand, do not need expensive feeds and can be fed just with water lilies.

Interested fish farmers are advised to visit the National Integrated Fisheries Technology and Development CentrE office in Bonuan Binloc to avail of the fingerlings at very reasonable prices and some, even for free.


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