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Chinese Aquaculture Swims Against Economic Tide

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CHINA - Chinas fisheries industry expects to end the year, with a stable growth in recorded in the fish farming industry of three per cent on the year.

The total production of farmed fish will be close to 50 million tonnes, there was 48.9 million tonnes recorded until the end on November, reports the Argentine BeefPackers S.A.

Despite the global credit crunch, the industry looks lined up for expansion again next year, with a large domestic demand.

The industry manage to keep growing, through upgrading breeding ponds and good disease controls and quarantine systems.

The improvement of breeding stock was another factor.

Chile which is also a large breeder of aquatic farmed fish, has been experiencing terrible disease problems on their salmon farms.

The Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries, released a report on the industry on Tuesday in Beijing.