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Chile Will Still be Number 1 In Japan

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CHILE - A smaller Chilean salmon production is expected, which implies lower exports to Japan and also a stronger competition from Norway in frozen salmon and trout. However, the Trade Commission of Chile (ProChile) believes that the country will preserve its position as market leader.

According to a recent report made by ProChile, a ‘strength and unswerving commercial relationship’ developed by companies from both countries anticipate that this market supremacy will remain in the future even during a market crisis, “such as happened a few years ago when Chilean salmon exports to Japan where at risk due to some problems with oxitetracycline residues” the report detailed, adding that “at than time, both Japanese and Chilean representatives worked together solving that situation in the short-term and showing how relevant is this business for them”.

By December 2008, Chile had a 92.7 per cent of the Japanese market share for Coho salmon and 93.15 per cent twelve months earlier. Its main competitors –with an overall market share of 6.41 per cent- are Russia, Canada and New Zealand. Regarding to frozen whole trout there is more competition since Norway had a 13.66 per cent market share in 2008 and Chile had a participation of 83.95 per cent.

Chile is also the main supplier of frozen salmon fillets in Japan with an 81.5 per cent market share and followed by Norway with 11.9 per cent. By the end of 2008 a slight decrease in the Chilean frozen whole salmon and trout market share was observed, but it was compensated by a 2.04 per cent increase of the Chilean salmon fillets participation.

This market analysis concludes explaining that salmonids are traditionally grilled for breakfast in Japan, served as obento for lunch and used as main dish for dinner. Besides, they are widely used for Sushi, Sashimi, and boiled/fried preparations. Its consumption is steady through the year although it increases on Christmas and New Year holidays.

According to a Chilean Fisheries Under-Secretariat (Subpesca) report, Chile have exported 103.172 tonnes of frozen farmed fish to Japan as of September this year worth USD 525.4 million and exported 119.160 tonnes worth USD 453.9 million in the same period of 2008.

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