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Chile, Norway Discuss Aquaculture Challenges

26 August 2015, at 1:00am

CHILE - Chile's Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Raul Snico and the National Director of Sernapesca, Jos Miguel Burgos, met in Norway with the Minister of Fisheries, Elizabeth Aspaker to discuss common challenges that the Chilean and Norwegian industries face in the move towards sustainable aquaculture.

At the meeting, Secretary Súnico stressed Chile's interest in developing strategic research that will guide efforts and build partnerships to address common challenges.

In this regard, he raised the need for progress in areas such as the development of new technologies and finding new sites of cultivation permitting aquaculture to occur in areas further away from the coast.

"Offshore aquaculture is a possible alternative which also helps prevent conflict with other users of the coastline," said the undersecretary.

The National Director of Sernapesca noted that one of the major challenges is the development of new and more effective tools for disease control in order to reduce the use of chemicals and antibiotics, avoiding the problems of resistance to treatment and to reduce stress levels that affect animal welfare.


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