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Changes made to Aquaculture Act

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NORWAY - The government has proposed amendments to the Aquaculture Act in order to strengthen the sector sustainably.

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"The aquaculture industry has good prospects for wealth creation and jobs along the coast. The legislation must be adapted to tomorrow's industry. Therefore, the Government proposes changes in Aquaculture Act, which will strengthen the policy instruments of the law and ultimately contribute to a more environmentally friendly aquaculture," says Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen.

The Government proposes to change the Aquaculture Act in a number of areas:

  • mandatory labeling of farmed fish will be required
  • aquaculture will cover the cost of fish escapees in priority waterways
  • collected fees for authorities on environmental monitoring
  • clearer and somewhat stricter sanctions

Fisheries will more easily be able to exchange information with other governments that oversee aquaculture industry.

"In total, these proposals, together with the measures we propose in seafood return, will facilitate further growth within environmentally sustainable limits and will improve the rule of law to the aquaculture industry," says Ms Berg-Hansen.