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CGF and DDGS Bode Well as Animal Feed Ingredient

by 5m Editor
2 October 2009, at 1:00a.m.

GLOBAL - Adding co-products of US ethanol production like corn gluten feed (CGF) and distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) to feed rations are feasible solutions to optimizing livestock, poultry and aquaculture operations around the world.

In many countries, however, there is a lack of knowledge about the nutritional and economical merits of the use of the corn co-products. The US Grains Council works to ensure end-users are aware of these advantages by setting up demo-trials in targeted countries.

“Conducting the trials locally gives local farmers a chance to see DDGS and CGF use firsthand in a trial that utilizes their own climatic conditions. It provides them a reliable source of data they can be more confident in,” said Lori Feltis, USGC Rest of the World Advisory Team member, who is currently in Egypt to assess the use of US DDGS and CGF.

In April of this year, the Council initiated a demo-trial in Egypt where local animal production operations formulated DDGS and CGF inclusion ratios in their feed rations. This week, USGC consultants, staff and Feltis traveled to Egypt to analyze the ongoing trials’ progress, discuss any issues that may have arose during the trial and address end-users on issues related to grain handling, storing, marketing and quality control.

"Since the start of the Council’s programs, about five years ago, Egyptian end-users have been using DDGS and CGF in their feed rations. We are here to make certain they are using it properly in order to help maximize their farming operations," said USGC Consultant Dr Chhorn Lim, who spoke to feedmillers, researchers and farm managers about inclusion rations in the aquaculture sector.

"If the end-users aren’t using it correctly and are not achieving the desired results, they will stop using it. I am here to defend the product and address these concerns to ensure they use the product continuously," Dr Lim said.

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