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Cermaq Chile and Salmones Humboldt to Merge

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CHILE - Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is to merge its two salmon farming operations in Chile - Salmones Humboldt and Cermaq Chile.

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With the merge of the two companies, synergies can be realised, increasing levels of competitiveness of the new company.

"The two companies hold a wealth of competence and the integration of the two companies will enable us to build on best practices of both companies to increase our competitive level, with emphasis in a quality product and the sustainability of the process," said Francisco Miranda who is the COO of the new merged company.

The merged company holds 130 licenses and 15 hatcheries.

"A merge is a challenging process, company cultures shall unite, business processes and IT systems must be complemented, and a successful outcome requires that employees will give the best of themselves. In this way we will build a strong and united company culture," underlined Francisco Miranda.

The merge process has been planned and implemented by a team made up by representatives from Salmones Humboldt and from Cermaq Chile, and the union representatives have been informed during the process.The customers of the two companies are being informed about the changes.