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Ceremonies For OIE Aquatic Animal Disease Held

CHINA - On 12 and 13 August, 2011, inauguration ceremonies were held for OIE Aquatic Animal Disease reference laboratories in Shenzhen and Qingdao.

The Aquatic Animal Inspection and Quarantine Laboratory of Shenzhen Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Disease Control and Molecular Pathology Laboratory of Marine Cultivated Organism of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, hosted the ceremonies.

Attending the inauguration ceremony for OIE Reference Laboratory of Spring Viremia of Carp in Shenzhen were:

  • Wei Chuanzhong, Deputy Director-General of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ)
  • Zhang Zhongqiu, Representative of China to OIE and Director-General of the Bureau of Veterinary of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
  • Professor Hill, Chairman of OIE Aquatic Animal Health Committee Zhang and Hill

As a technical support body for formulation and revision of standards in international trade of animals and animal products, OIE reference laboratories provide technical support and standardised service for diagnosis for OIE and its relevant members, playing a critical role in global animal disease prevention and control and animal product safety.

OIE laboratories in Qingdao and Shenzhen are the first two OIE aquatic animal disease reference laboratories in the country, symbolising that the development of laboratories and technical personnel, surveillance technology and scientific research ability of aquatic animal diseases of our country have already reached the international advanced level, and won recognition worldwide.

Mr Zhang noted in the inauguration ceremonies that he hoped that these two laboratories in Qingdao and Shenzhen, as OIE reference laboratories, could build on achievements to further enhance capacity building, strengthen standardised management, and play the following three key roles.

First, leading role: the two laboratories should conduct studies on international standards, keep up with new developments in scientific research, and base on realities of Chinas aquaculture to provide leadership in research on standards and diagnosis methods, and provision of standardised diagnosis reagents for spring viremia of carp and other relevant diseases.

Second, service-providing role: the two laboratories should faithfully fulfill responsibilities of OIE reference laboratories, and offer support and assistance to OIE members on sample diagnosis, technology training, etc.

Third, driving role: with a view to promoting international exchange and cooperation, these two OIE reference laboratories should build bridges between China, OIE and its members in new veterinarian technologies, research on new methods, etc.

Senior officials and experts from the MOA Department of International Cooperation, MOA Bureau of Fisheries, AQSIQ, relevant CAFS authorities, Shenzhen and Hong Kong were also invited to attend the ceremonies.