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ISRAEL - Karat Russian Osetra, also referred to as Golani Osetra produced from the Russian Sturgeon in Galilee is currently the leading caviar of the world.

The company claim that Karat ® Russian Osetra is fresher than imported Russian Caviar, of consistently higher quality, and more sustainable.

The Karat Osetra is produced in Israel by Caviar Galilee, who claim that this Caviar is superior to Beluga Caviar, Osetra Caviar and Sevruga Caviar.

Caviar Galilee, is one of the longest running fish farms in Israel, which has been involved in aquaculture since 1939. The Caviar Galilee Farm began growing Russian Sturgeon in 1992, when the first fertilised eggs were imported directly from Russia. The farm is located in close proximity to the main source of the Jordan River – the Dan Springs, the natural flow of water which gravitates through the Farm enables fish breeding in water that is clear, pure and rich in oxygen.

The Russian Osetra Caviar is produced from ten to eleven year-old fish. During the production process, the caviar is produced separately from each single fish and is then packed separately ensuring the product's purity, without mixing caviar from different fish. Freshness, consistent high quality, large pearl size, fine taste and texture and sustainability are the watchwords of Karat, which aims to put the rest of the farmed caviar trade to shame.

Karat's exclusive 100 per cent pure Russian Osetra is now available at Dean & DeLuca under the Galilee label, as well as at Zabar's and Whole Foods in the Southeast.