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Business Partnerships Help Tackle Health Issues

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UK - Recently, at a meeting of the all-party MP group on primary care and public health, The Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley described the benefits of working with businesses in the creation of a public health strategy. The discussion was welcomed by Seafish, the non-government department body that supports the fishing industry in the UK, who have demonstrated the benefits of working with industry partners in their latest consumer campaign Fish is the Dish.

Launched in October last year, Fish is the Dish was designed in response to consumer research results revealing that one of the most important factors in deciding what we eat is either having or trying for a child. The findings of the research revealed that seafood was a definitive want to eat more of option but consumers were put off from eating it by their thoughts of the bones, heads and tails of seafood.

The main focus of the Fish is the Dish campaign is to show how simple and easy it is to cook fish at home, helping more people get fish on their daily and weekly meal plans. Driving the work is a hardworking, integrated digital campaign that includes a website, Twitter profile and over 20 online bloggers who share recipes, tips and general advice to encourage people to have confidence with seafood. Fish is the Dish used this ethos as the basis of their digital campaign and brought it to reality with the start of their UK cookery road show tour which kicked off in May in Belfast.

Industry partners, including recognised seafood brands Youngs Seafood, Seachill (The Saucy Fish Co), Lyons Seafood Ltd, as well as regional operators, such as Regal Fish Supplies and Delish Fish, have supported the campaign by donating supplies and providing links via their own online media channels to disseminate the campaign message to wider audiences.

Paul Williams, Chief Executive of Seafish, said: Fish is the Dish is working with the industry to break down some of the main barriers to eating more fish and seafood. We were encouraged by Mr Lansleys backing of businesses to help support a health care strategy.

While some of the UKs public health challenges are significant, seafood is one of the only foods that the government encourages us to eat more of and we are currently trying to raise awareness of the 2-a-week recommended guide for seafood consumption. We look forward to seeing the governments work on the public health strategy progress.

Simon Smith of Seachill said: "consumers want to eat more fish, however research tells us time and time again that there are many barriers in their minds that prevent them making fish a bigger part of their weekly choice. At The Saucy Fish Co, we recognised this and with convenience and inspiration at the forefront of our offer, it's never been easier for consumers to enjoy their two a week. The Seafish Fish is the Dish campaign has been superbly executed and has dovetailed very positively with our own advertising."