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'Boost & Determination' Needed In Agreements

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SPAIN - The Spanish Minister of Environment, Rosa Aguilar, claimed for "more boost and determination in fisheries agreement negotiations among the EU and third countries. She was also concerned about the situation of some of them, refering to them as "stuck".

Following on from this, the minister asked for an extension on the Protocol to the Fisheries Agreement between the EU and Gabon.

The minister looked at these agreements as "priorities for Spain" and she remarked that "they must guarantee the development of fisheries operations in long-term conditions and according to ways that are satisfactory for both parts involved".

In this respect, Ms Aguilar pointed out that Fisheries Agreements, which are a priority for Spain, have been suffering “a significant decline due to a lack of political will in its development, leaving an open door to fleets which are not respecting the principles against illegal fishing, undeclared and non-standarised".

In terms of negotiating Fisheries Agreements with Third Countries, the Minister also asked “to bear in mind the disruptions on commercial flows which may have serious economic consequences for some Member States".

She also insisted on the fact that the EU must guarantee “coherence between the Common Fisheries Policy and the Commercial Policy, blocking fish products coming from illegal or unsustainable fish practices to the UE market”. On the other hand, she required to get more details about the financial contribution of fish sector to access costs to international waters or to third countries’ waters, given that fish industry position “is reaching the limits of costs that can be assumed”.

She expressed the need of having a Common Fisheries Policy whose external dimension “preserves the future of European fleets due to their operations have been a base for social and economic development in many countries".

Following this argument, she referred to the Joint Declaration signed by France, Portugal and Spain to defend this external approach in the new CFP.

During her speech, Ms Aguilar highlighted that “international cooperation must be strengthen to face piracy" and, therefore, increasing safety for EU ships and other countries ships, all of them operating in international waters.

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