Boat Operators Call for Revival of Industry

12 October 2012, at 1:00am

INDIA - The Kerala Fishing Boat Operators Association has urged the Government to revive the fishing industry and to alleviate the problems of fish workers, as the fishing sector is in total disarray.

Joseph Xavier Kalapurakkal, the general secretary of the association, has said that the government must focus on issues such as the preservation of fish wealth, basic development and marketing of fish, reports the HinduBusinessLine/a>.

The association has therefore suggested a study and plan for the development of the sector.

In a memorandum submitted to the State Fisheries Minister, the association said that the government had previously constituted a committee to study in detail the structure of fishing vessels, their yards of construction and the horse power of the engines that propel these vessels. Yet, the report still did not tackle the issues at hand.

The association is therefore requesting a new committee and is concerned that deploying only 250 horse power boats for fishing in Kerala waters will affect the sector badly.