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Board Acts on Aquatic Medicine-Related Proposals

by 5m Editor
23 December 2008, at 12:00am

US - Changes to the charge of the AVMA Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee have been approved by the Executive Board along with an extensively revised policy on the judicious use of antimicrobials in aquatic animals.

The committee recommended the changes to itself to keep pace with the rapidly developing discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine and to assist the committee in addressing issues of direct importance to the veterinary profession.

The addition of "Invited Representatives" to the AqVMC description is an attempt to identify governmental and nongovernmental organisations that regularly send a representative to council and committee meetings at their own expense.

These invited representatives are not voting members of the committee, but provide input to the committee on many issues.


The Health and Welfare of Atlantic Salmon course

It is vital that fish farm operatives who are responsible for farmed fish are trained in their health and welfare. This will help to ensure that fish are free from disease and suffering whilst at the same time promote good productivity and comply with legislation.

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