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Bio-Pharm Company Develops New Microorganism Products

CHINA - Skystar Bio-Pharmaceuticals, a leading bio-pharmaceutical company in the People's Republic of China (PRC), has announced that it has successfully developed over 20 new products for livestock and aquatic animals with the drug-resistant micro-organism lactobacillus acidophilus.

These new products are expected to add over $550,000 to the company's annual revenue.

The new products, developed with L. acidophilus, have a high activity of microbial strains, strong drug resistance and outstanding stability. L. acidophilus is a commonly used probiotic, or "friendly" bacteria that protects against the entrance and proliferation of disease-causing organisms.

Skystar will launch the L. acidophilus micro-organisms for both aquaculture and livestock by autumn 2007, once it has gained production approval from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Notably, the new micro-organisms inaugurated Skystar's product line for use in aquaculture. Fish farming is increasingly replacing commercial fishing operations which have caused widespread overfishing resulting in strong demand for aquatic forage and feed additive products. Demand in China for micro-organisms used in aquaculture is estimated to be 100,000 metric tons in 2007.

"We continue to dedicate our research and development efforts towards developing new products that enhance the quality of animal health and contribute to agriculturists' output," commented Mr. Weibing Lu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Skystar. "Our new products have strong market potential as demand for microorganisms in China is estimated at 300,000 metric tons while only 50,000 metric tons were produced domestically in 2006."

Skystar's Research and Development team developed these micro-organism products with the help of Jiangsu Microorganism Institute (JMI), one of the leading research institutes in the bio-pharmaceutical industry in China.

JMI has completed over 20 national key research projects and over 200 provincial and municipal research projects and has received more than 20 patents with 5 international patents during its 30 years operating as a research institute. Skystar has 100% of the rights for commercialization of these microorganism products.

Source: CNN