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Biofuel Harvested from Seaweed

by 5m Editor
26 November 2009, at 12:00a.m.

CHILE - US company Bio Architecture Lab, which is pioneer in the application of synthetic biology and enzyme design to the development of biofuels and renewable chemicals from aquafarmed, native macroalgae, has launched a subsidiary in Chile.

BAL Chile has started cultivating 100 hectares of seaweed on the island of Chiloé.

According to a report in MercoPress, the company is investing $5 million in the project which includes a pilot production plant in Los Lagos.

The by-products from the biofuel production can be used for commercial iodine and also salmon feed.

The seaweed, which will cover 10,000 hectares, is expected to be ready for harvest by next June.

The MercoPress report says that the aim is to produce 165,000 cubic metres of ethanol - about five per cent of Chile's total gasoline consumption.

The company expects it will have to find $100 million in one or more large scale production plants.

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