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Be on the Lookout for Tagged Fish and Shellfish

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UK - Fish are tagged to record fish behaviour, growth and fishing catch rates. If you return a tag or a tagged fish or shellfish youre paid a reward.

There are two types of tag:

  • conventional ‘marker’ tags
  • data storage tags

It’s important to include information about the fish or shellfish (recapture details), including:

  • the tag number and colour
  • the date it was caught
  • where it was caught (including longitude and latitude if possible)
  • the sex, size and weight

How much you get for returning tagged fish

If you return a tagged fish or a fish tag you’re paid:

  • £6 for a conventional ‘marker’ tag (not data storage tag), plus the market value of the fish and postage costs
  • £75 for data storage tags
  • £25 extra if you return the fish with the data storage tag

You could also win £1,000 in an annual lottery.

How much you get for returning tagged shellfish

If you return a tagged shellfish you’re paid:

  • £6 for a shellfish with a conventional tag and full recapture details
  • £50 for a shellfish with a data storage tags and full recapture details

How to return tags or tagged fish or shellfish

When you return a tag or a tagged fish or shellfish you need to:

  • Phone the 24-hour reporting hotline on 01502 524526 and leave your details.
  • Complete and return the relevant form, either online or by printing it out:
  • Fish tag returns
  1. Online form - fish tag returns
  2. Printed form - fish tag returns (PDF, 37.1KB, 1 page)
  3. Shellfish tag returns
  4. Online form - shellfish tag returns
  5. Printed form - shellfish tag returns (PDF, 38.1KB, 1 page)
  • You can send tags in the post to Cefas or your local Marine Management Organisation (MMO) office (who will forward them to Cefas).
  • If you’re sending tagged fish or shellfish, Cefas will send a courier at a time agreed with you.
  • You’re paid by cheque within 2 months.
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