Bangladesh Likely to Review Ban on Hilsa Exports

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
22 July 2016, at 1:00am

BANGLADESH - The Bangladesh government is likely to review ban on hilsa export after the fish are normally available in local markets this season, officials said.

The scarcity of hilsa and subsequently its unusual price hike forced Bangladesh to restrict its export in 2012 for all countries, including India.

Since the ban was imposed, India has been lobbying strongly to lift the ban as the fish is in very high demand, reports the DhakaTribune.

The possibility of lifting the ban is under consideration.

To pave the way for resuming hilsa export, the government had already relaxed hilsa export ban under a new export policy 2015-18 formulated in August, 2015.

The new policy says the interested exporters need to seek approval from the Commerce Ministry prior to exporting hilsa.

Traders and consumers, however, said the prices of hilsa might surge around 30 per cent once the government lifts the ban.