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Bamboo Charcoal Can Boost Fish Growth

by 5m Editor
6 April 2009, at 1:00a.m.

TAIWAN - Feeding fish with food blended with ground bamboo charcoal can be a natural way to boost their growth and greatly enhance the efficiency of aquaculture, according to the results of a study released over the weekend by the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) under the Council of Agriculture.

The results were achieved through experiments in which fish food containing ground bamboo charcoal was used to feed Taiwan tilapia, a species farmed mainly for its meat, reports TaiwanNews.

According to a recent report, it was found that the fish fed with ground bamboo charcoal showed significantly better results in terms of weight gain, growth and length-weight factor than those fed with normal food.

The experiments also showed that using ground bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar simultaneously produced better results than using ground bamboo charcoal alone.

According the FRI, previous experiments had indicated that wood charcoal and wood vinegar can yield similar outcome.

For example, feeding eels with food that incorporates ground wood charcoal and wood vinegar improves fish growth and the feed conversion rate and boosts the fish's immunity against diseases, the FRI said.

Also, giving ground wood charcoal and wood vinegar to scads decreases fat accumulation in the abdomen of the fish and reduces the relative ratios of body weight to liver weight, thus raising their meat content, the FRI stated.

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