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Bais City Turns to Aquaculture as Fisheries Deplete

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PHILIPPINES - The local government of Bais City in Negros Oriental has embarked on a sea-farming project aimed at helping ease the pressure on its fisheries resources.

Bais City Mayor Hector Villanueva said that while still at its early stages, the project involves the culture of seashells and some fish species in fish pens during spawning season, after which the young get to leave the enclosed areas and move out to the sea.

According to Balita, the project was started six months ago in Olympia Island, other villages such as Okiot have showed the intent to follow after it was proven successful by participating marginal fishermen.

The city is also into giant clam propagation, as Bais City is said to be one of the best areas in the province for this type of shellfish, Villanueva told the news agency.

The local government has procured some 6,000 giant clams for seeding from the Silliman University Marine Laboratory.