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Artificial Flavoring Chemicals Make Farmed Fish Taste Like Ocean Fish

CHINA - Artificial flavourings are being used to make farmed fish taste like ocean caught fish.

The aquaculture company, HQ Sustainable Maritime, is using the "sea flavour" on its farmed tilapia, which is processed to give it the texture and flavour of wild caught Alaska pollock, according to an article in Natural News.

"It met 10 out of our 10 taste parameters," Norbert Sporns, president and chief executive officer of HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQSM) told Natural News.

HQSM has signed a joint development agreement with the Beijing division of Newly Weds Foods Inc. to market the "sea flavour" tilapia. The flavour is the same ingredient found in fish sticks, fish fillets and similar products, as well as imitation crab meat.

In addition to the ease of processing and storing Alaska pollock, the fish is popular because of its mild flavor and low oil content. It has been called the largest remaining wild fish source in the world, and 3 million tonnes are caught every year. But in recent years, Alaska pollock fisheries appear to have begun to decline.

In addition to cost, HQSM is marketing the artificially flavored tilapia as an environmentally friendly alternative to other farmed or wild-caught fish.

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