Aquaculture will Provide Increased Food Production in the Next Few Years

27 July 2012, at 1:00am

MEXICO - In the future, aquaculture will contribute most to the production of seafood, said the Director General of the Institute National Fishing (INAPESCA), Raul Romo Adam Trujillo, who noted that in 2011 aquaculture contributed more than 263,000 tons of products to the food sector, from over 9,000 fish farms in the territory.

He stated that the species produced were shrimp and tilapia, which together amounted to 180,950 tons, and the remaining volume was carp, trout, tuna, catfish and oysters, among other products in high demand.

By participating in the National Forum on Innovation and Marketing Sector Food and Agriculture, organised by the National Coordinator of Foundations Produce (COFUPRO), Romo Trujillo noted that fishing activities and aquaculture represent a business opportunity for investors.

He said that in recent years the Federal Government has provided support for consolidation of fishing and aquaculture units, making them more competitive and productive, that now generate value-added products, attractive for domestic and international markets.